Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Stroy

Three years ago. That time I was a handsome boy. Tall and strong. Maybe that girls love me. That is a joke. But one day I played basketball. I drop down with a Steal. I hit my knee. Then my classmates send me to the hospital. Very unlucky. My knee is broken and I have a fever. One month, I did not feel better. And then the doctor told me I must one kind of hormone to make me better. If do not I may be a stupid. But If I do these three possible things will be happened. One of these is my lung will be aging. Second, my liver will be cirrhosis. Last I will be fatter and fatter. It my only choose. So I try it. I feel OK but my body became fat. Oh, my god.

Until now. I also think if first second happen. I am not sad. But "to be or not to be. It is a question." We don’t know what happen. We don’t have right to Choose. It is happened that I don’t want to see. So now. I am fat man. I want to lose weight. But it is impossible. Because medicine made me like this. I can’t control.

But now I look myself. I am cute. I think God make me this. It must have been better, isn’t it?

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