Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cash flow debt causes student stress, scientist told

The article “cash flow debt causes student stress, scientist told”, By Ed Ewing and Rachel Jasper, talks about students financial problem. Some scientists point is that students need to learn how to control their money and if not. They will be more stressful. They explain that the university students worry about day to day money spend and that make them stressful, but scientists think the problem can fix by themselves. Dr. Scott studied loan and stress from 268 students for several years. And he shows a problem those students need to keep their money and learn how to control their money. And some scientists said school needs to help students’ managements their money, kind of daily cash flow. One of them said,” day to day pressure of juggling finances is the most stressful thing we need to do.” Finally, scientists think students need to keep money as much as possible

Ewing, E. & Jasper, R. (2005, April 4). Cash flow not debt causes student stress, scientists told. Guardian Unlimited. Retrieved on January 18, 2008 from:

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