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Living Fossil Protection – Panda

Living Fossil Protection – Panda

According to Jane Macartney’s article “Panda pioneers teach babies how to survive call of the wild,” he states that protecting wild pandas and training the panda’s baby, which are born in zoos to be wild are more necessary recently. First, he explains a plan that some scientists help pandas, which are in zoos, to be wild. The pandas may be survived well. However, especially Xiang-Xiang is not able to survive in wild world. The final reason is it will be waiting to die. Second, he discusses that those scientists will be doing the same research again. They will keep going to do the same way to show up how important it is. Third, he shows that giant pandas are losing their breeding ability. They do not know how to breed a baby. Scientists are helping them to breed and also this is going to be a problem because the panda baby will not be wild and it takes too much time. In the end, the author states that people have to prepare enough to protect and help panda’s life.

Panda, a species that only lives in China, is endangered. There are “only 1,590 pandas in the wild.”(Macatney, 2007, para.9) In China, pandas are called living fossils; they have lived in the earth for so much time. However, they are going to lose some of their abilities, such as breed ability and moving ability, even though they are too lazy to find food. As result of this, they are not on borrowing terms with other pandas if they find a place, which has a large amount of bamboos. (Pandas only eat bamboo for their whole life.). Those signals give as a warning, which is telling us that we should protect and help pandas to pull through the living crisis. In fact, government should build pandas’ protection area, scientists need to study about what people can do to help panda to resume their ability, and people who are working in lumberyard; should not cutting bamboo to earn money; they should protect them.

First, government should build pandas’ protection area. Moreover, there are some protection areas in China already, such as Wolong Base and Sichuan pandas’ protection; we have to rebuild them because they cannot face on some big earthquake or something else. It is really important, because they are losing some of their abilities. We have to build it to study them, to know them, and to analyze them because it is the only way that we can easily do some research. For example, in Sichuan, China, there is a big protection area for pandas, scientists can easily study them, and we can see clearly that it has some really important impacts, such as they know how to make test-tube panda babies; scientists study this process because they are really in trouble for pandas have a baby. Therefore, a protection area is really good for panda and good for us to know them.

Second, scientists need to study about what people can do to help panda to resume their abilities, especially breeding ability, because if panda cannot breed babies, they will become extinct. According to the above, building protection areas can help scientists to study about pandas, and they already know how to help panda to have a baby. However, it is not enough, because this solution (test-tube baby) costs too much money and also it takes a lots of labor power to do. People need to know pandas’ habits, such as eating habits, moving habits and so on, which can help pandas to resume their abilities, which they almost have lost already. As a matter of fact, people cannot protect pandas or other animals, which are endangered, because people have other things to do, especially during this global business crisis. Thus, scientists should show how to protect panda as early as possible, that we can do some powerful things to protect pandas as soon as possible.

Finally, people who are working in lumberyards should not cut bamboo to earn money; they should protect it. As people know, bamboo can be a great adornment, which is very expensive in China. Therefore, lots of people have started to cut bamboo, and then make some beautiful adornment which it to sell. This is really harmful to pandas, because they only eat bamboo; it is pandas’ lives exactly. Local government should formulate some policy to save bamboo, and open some classes to teach people how important bamboo is to pandas. As a result, we have to protect bamboo because it is a way to save pandas’ lives.

In conclusion, the whole world is beginning to develop; the world population is rising very quickly; and pollution is becoming the biggest problem around the earth, even though our friends, animals, are dying very quickly. We say to them “goodbye” every day, every second. During a long time, suddenly, people realize that we should protect our friends. Pandas’ extinction is only an example of many endangered animals. Therefore, protecting pandas is also protecting our ecosystem.


Macartney, Jane. (2007, December 15.) Panda pioneers teach babies how to survive call of the wild. The Times (London). Retrieved on May 26, 2009 form Lexis-Nexis date base

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