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Panda Survival

Panda Survival

In Graham Simmons’ article “In black and white; China,” he states that it is very important environment should be improved for Chinese giant panda’s living space. First of all, he explains that what does the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding look like recently. The base reach the mark, which is good for panda’s lives recently, giant panda is already in UNESCO world heritage list. (Graham Simmons, 2007) And also, the base is so successful to breed panda baby. Second, he discusses that there are still something have to be done in this Sichuan panda-protecting base. For example, the research is not enough to show how should scientists to do for protecting panda. And also there are some problems that we should solve first. Finally, he says that food supplies is also a very important problem that we have to resolve. According to Graham, a baby panda become an adult should growing 2000 times. (Graham Simmons, 2007) And also panda only eats bamboo, so that food supply is very important. Enough food all of pandas can survive in the base or in the wild.

Panda was the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game mascot because it represents happiness and peaceful and also it tells us that panda is important to China, even to the whole world. Recently, giant panda are in UNESCO world heritage list, it will be a signal to show us that we need pay more attention about protecting panda. As Simmons’ article says, although there is still some problem in the research base of giant panda breeding, people, who in the base, are almost try them best to solve them. Moreover, it already has some successful step, such as successful breeding. As we know, protecting panda is more necessary right now because there is only a few amount giant panda in the world. And there is something that we can do for helping panda. In fact, people should improve the quality of Chengdu’s environment; newspaper and magazine should publicize the information of protecting panda; and government should give enough funds to support the scientist’s study about pandas.

First, people should improve the quality of Chengdu’s environment. As people knew, all kind of species needs water, oxygen and good environment to survive. The environment is so important thing that people should pay attention to change it. According to Simmons, most of panda live in Sichuan province, China (2009. Para.3). Therefore, Sichuan’s environment is very important to panda. Wolong City is the exactly place that panda protection area is and also people should focus on this city more. There is a directly way to protect Wolong panda base that making this area to be no human activity area because China has the No.1 population in the world. Too many people can increase the damage speed of the Wolong city’s environment. Therefore, keeping the protection base to be wild is the necessary case that we should be done first.

Second, newspaper and magazine should publicize the information of protecting panda. Publicizing is the powerful method to tell people how dangerous situation that panda faces on right now. Publicizing also can tell or teach people what should they do for protecting and helping panda. And using this way can bring a lot of donation from the whole world because there is so many people love to help endanger animals in the world. Therefore, newspaper and magazine have to go into overdrive to focus those protecting panda publicizing because panda represents China which looks like Hawks represent America, protecting panda is the same way to protect Chinese status in the world.

Finally, government should give enough funds to support the scientist’s study about pandas. Protecting panda is not one person’s thing, no matter scientists study harder or not, the Chinese government should help give enough funds to allow them study about panda and panda’s abilities. Those are Chinese government’s responsibilities because Panda only survives in China and it is called living fossil that means there are lots of treasure date about the whole history in the earth science several millions years ago. And also the research base of panda breeding in Sichuan has same responsibilities to work hard and tell people what they already found about panda that they do not know before. This is a good cycle that helps panda to survive in China successful.

In conclusion, thousands of species are endanger, some of them are really treasure and some of them are not. Panda is really uncommon specie in the world right now. They have lots of historical dates and they are old enough to be calls living fossil. They eat only bamboo and they move less. They are going to lose their living abilities and they become lazy enough. Those problems that we need to solve. However, there are only a few amount panda living in the world. It is an alert shows us that we must start to protect panda, which are uncommon and old species. Furthermore, protection is not enough. People should take care of panda as much as possible in love.


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