Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stress and Traffic

This article, “’Road Rage’ runs rampant in high-stress U.S. society” by Correspondent Kyoko Altman, talks about a public traffic problem. It tells us about a man who was injured by a speeding reckless driver and his mother died. And from this the article talks about something about the traffic problem and how the government can control it. One is stabbed and run over. The NHTSA has studied this case and thought about how dangerous it is. That shows us that stress make people drive unsafely. Second is fighting a ‘mental disorder’. A psychologist said road rage is a mental disorder. After traffic accident, the criminals only pay a fine. But they also can still drive car.

I think traffic the problem is very dangerous and serious now, because more and more cars are on the roads and highways. We don’t know which driver is good or bad. So I think the government needs to do something. For example, it should make a new traffic laws, drivers who had traffic accident more than once must go to traffic law class and pay a heavy fine. If they do this, government can solve the cases. In fact, make a new law for driver make a new test for DL and government control used car.

First, we need to make a new law. People must go to study again and pay a heavy fine if they had traffic accident more than once. Before people only paid a fine but it wasn’t good for everyone. Some psychologists said some people have some psychosomatic problems. They cannot control themselves, so we must help them to control themselves. And they go to class to study the law and the rule.

Second, government needs to change the drivers’ license test. It is too easy and lots of people can get license. I got a license already, I know there are two different ways from driving during the test and driving in common days. So we need to try our best to fix this case.

Last, I think it is most important, that the government must control the used cars. You know that some used cars are derived from 20 years or more ago. That is terrible. Because car is too old and their turbo is broken and something cannot be used very well. So that is important.

So now there are billions of numbers cars in the world. We must control it. And rcstnict them to a new model. Change something that is wrong and fix something. Traffic is important to everybody. So we must think of a way to make it better.

‘Road Rage’ runs rampant in high-stress U.S. society by Correspondent Kyoko Altman July 18. 2008 web posted at 9:57 am

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