Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stressful Life

Everybody has lots of things in modern life now. “Busy” makes us stress. We want to do something but cannot finish on time or have some problem. That is so stressful. Even thought we have lots of stressful things. But I think the biggest causes of stress are traffic emergency and government.

First, traffic causes lots of stress. In modern life, more and more car run on the street and people have lots of accidents every day. So that is so stress. Because if on car has accident then the street very stop. Lots of driver will be angry and say some bad words. Also accident stops the line of car. Spend time and make some case, also make us be late to anywhere. That is too bad for us.

Second, emergency also is a main point for us. But criminals often happen criminal things now and they kill people, hurt people and put bomb in the building some times. So policeman will go there and see lots of blood and ugly place. They feel stressful and they cannot work very well and they don’t have angry to work that cannot protect our lives. That is terrible.

Finally, working in the government also stressful. Officers who work for the part of them fix traffic and emergency problem. They think how to fix it and which way is the best. Oh, it is so terrible and stressful. And if they cannot fix problem very well, people will come into the street and protest their rights. So people working in the government are so stressful.

So there are lots of stressful things around the world in the modern life. Traffic emergency and so on. Even thought they are stressful, but if we can control our mind. It will be a piece of cake. But control them is very difficult.

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