Friday, February 29, 2008

Punishment for Kids

According this article “ Our view on corporal punishment: To spank or not to spank” the point of argument is whether we need to spank or use another way to punishment their bad behavior. The author talked about government giving a new law to control parents’ spanking their kids, and gave some cases to show how important it is that we stop punishment of kids. The education system also tries to get kids right and protect kids’ healthy and grow up in a good way. Also they said spanking can keep children doing well.

Parents hope their child becomes a perfect person. So they really want to see their children be very good. So sometimes if children don’t do very well, parents may use punishment to keep kids doing better. I think we need to punish kids with some other ways besides spanking. In fact, usually talk, show the bad result from bad behavior and show parents self to teach children what to do.

Parents need to work every day. It’s busy and stressful. But talking to your kids every day is necessary. Because we often work and forget children’s mind, sometimes children will learn some bad behavior. Parents should talk to them and tell them to be honest. And you must keep in your mind not to be angry and tell them a better way to do things or what not to do, and tell them why. You can use this way anytime you want. That is easy way but it is hard to do.

Sometimes you found your kids doing some bad things. Don’t be angry. They do this because kids don’t know what is dangerous or bad. They just think it is convenient. So you must tell them how dangerous what they are doing is or how bad they are. You should tell them what the result is if they do some things. For example, if kids often play with fire, you must show them pictures and some videos to tell your kids, that is very dangerous, and the result is very bad. We won’t have a place to live and you can’t play anymore. This way kids know these things and they may not do that next time.
Show yourself. Parents need to do your best to show a good behavior and good way to raise kids. Parents are the first teacher. So whether they do good or not, kids may learn to do some action. So parents must do their best. And show kids what to do, or how to study, or something like that. That will be fine.

Every family has different cases. But most families need their kids to be good people, whether the punish by spanking or in a way that I described is their business. But I think they should use good ways to help their kids grow healthy and happy. That is better than spanking. So let kids know you love them and you want them to be well.

Reference: “Our view on corporal punishment: To spank or not to spank” from USA Today on January 25th. 2007.

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