Friday, October 17, 2008

FE #1 Road Trip

Road Trip
I love traveling. My friends know it. They often call me to have a trip. However, sometimes they do not know why I like road trips. They said road trips are so tiring and so dangerous if you feel sleepy. But I do not think so. A road trip is the best way to have a short trip because you can drive and see the entire places that are beside the highway at the same time. When I prepare for a trip, I will order a hotel on the Internet. And then I just go with my favorite car. My biggest movement was when I drove 23 hours form Carbondale to Los Angeles and never stopped. I feel excited about road trips. I can see the animals, trees and the farmers. Isn’t it interesting? I really love road trips. However, it is not as fast as planes, it is not as comfortable as a boat and not as safe as a train. But it is really like a trip; you have a trip on the way, and also you can have a good trip when you arrive at your destination. If some people ask me what is your favorite way to travel, I just tell them I love road trips.

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