Thursday, November 20, 2008


My Favorite Dish
Have you ever eaten Chicken leg over fried rice? It is my favorite food. The materials are chicken leg with skin, some vegetable (depending on you), egg, green onion and rice. It is very traditional food. Therefore, I use many season from China, such as soy sauce, Chinese vinegar, white pepper and bean sauce. Now all the predation steps are finished let cook the chicken leg over rice.

At first, clean the chicken leg and use hot water to get the blood out of the leg. And then, put oil and sugar into the pan until the oil becomes hotter and sugar become dark red. Put the clean chicken leg into the pan and blend the chicken until the chicken is done. During this process, put soy sauce and Chinese vinegar into the pan. Still blend it about 10 minutes. Put bean sauce and water together using mid-fire to cook it about 30 minutes. And then, just keep it on the fire; we go to the next step. Fried rice.

Second, it is fried rice. Put oil into another pan. Put green onion and egg into the pan and blend the egg until the egg is cooked. And then, put rice into the pan; blend the rice and egg together. Cook it 5 minutes.

All the steps are finished. Just put the chicken over the fried rice. The very delicious food, the chicken leg over fried rice, is done. It is very delicious and has lots of nutrition.

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