Thursday, November 13, 2008


Military, Please Go Away from Dugongs

In Takehiko Kambayashi’s article “Ruling to protect dugong could put Northern Okinawa aid at risk,” the author states that, the American military should protect the marine mammal when they want to build a proposed base near the animals’ “home”. First, the author explains that the U.S. Defense Department found the problem between the military base in Okinawa and the dugongs. Some people think that military need to research the dugong in Okinawa because there are many dugongs near the military base. Second, the author shows that there are many U.S. troops in Japan. Therefore, U.S. government should discuss the situation about military and dugongs. “The 35,000 US troops stationed in Japan.” (Kambayashi, 2008) Third, the author argues that U.S. put many troops in Japan, so they need protect the sea animals. The government has money to build a luxury spa. However, they do not have money to protect the dugongs. At end, the author states, “There is no place like Okinawa on earth.” (Kambayashi 2008) That means we need to protect the ocean and protect the dugongs.

In the author’s opinion, the dugongs should be protected by the military. I agree with that. In recent years, the world is not peaceful. War is often happened. Animals were killed by the war. Therefore, we need protect them and help them get a safety place to live. In fact, military should consider where they should build a base if there are many sea animals live in this ocean, the United Nations should make a law that protect the sea animals and if it is must use a war the solve the problem, do not use chemical weapons.
First, military should consider where they should build a base if there is many sea animals live in this ocean. People must not just think about themselves. They build a military base just consider their own benefit or convention. However, they kill a lot of animals when they build some military bas into the sea. For example, Okinawa, Japan has lots of dugongs. However, the U.S. military build a base that makes lots of dugongs died. “A federal judge said a US military base propose for the depressed area must evaluate impact on the marine mammal.” (Kambayashi 2008) Therefore, where should build a base or not is very important to protect dugongs and animals life.
Second, the United Nations should make a law that protects the sea animals. We all know protect dugongs and sea animals are not just a national problem. That is global problem. Thurs, UN should give each country a law that can control them to protect the dugongs and sea animals. For example, if there are many dugongs and animals, it must cancel the ship route. That can protect the animals because the pollutions problem will go down. Controlling is important to save the dugongs and sea animals’ life.

Third, if it is must use a war to solve the problem, do not use chemical weapons. That is a pretty difficult rule because chemical weapons is very powerful and useful. It can change a trend during the war. However, we must stop use chemical weapons. It is really dangerous. On December 7th, Japan attack U.S Pearl Harbor. Japan use the chemical weapons. Until now, Pearl Harbor is still dirty. No animal can live there. That is terrible. Therefore, stop using the chemical weapons is necessary.

In conclusion, protecting animals is very important because if the animals disappeared already, that means people live alone on the earth. There are many ways to protect the sea animals. In the military situation, we only can do is we need peaceful world. No war, No military pollution. Although it is only a dream, we can do something to reduce the problem. UN need control the problem as soon as possible because it is not only one country can solve the problem. If people do it well, the dugongs and sea animals will live forever.

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