Monday, November 3, 2008


IMac is a kind of PC, but it is good at education. In IMac, you can find all programs about how to learn a language. IMac include dictionary, language transition and lots of programs about education. For example, I try to write a essay in English. However I do not understand grammar clearly. The IMac can help me to fix the problem. Another example is when I write an academic paper and I do not know how to write “so” in an academic way. I just put so in the IMac dictionary, and then the IMac can tell me which is the best word that is similar to “so”. IMac is really improving my English. In fact, I can write English essay more academically and I know how to use grammar as well. I am surprised that technology can help me improve my second language. If I have the opportunity to teach Chinese students English, I will allow them buy an IMac PC. That is really helps us to learn a second language.

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tom said...

I guess the question is, does the iMac actually teach you grammar, or does it just allow you to make better grammar without actually learning it? I don't really know, because I don't have an iMac and I'm not in your situation.

It is legal- if every student has it, or can have it, we have to consider that it's just part of your computer. I'm just curious because, if it's more common, I want to know what it's doing to your process of learning.