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Saving Animals’ Life from Global Warming

Saving Animals’ Life from Global Warming

According to Tim Hirsh’s (2005) article “Animals ‘hit by global warming’” the author states that global warming has already changed animals’ living style. The author says three points of animals changed by global warming. First of all, the author explains that global warming can make many species of animals disappear. Global warming makes ice melting and ground become desert. Those signs make several animals change their destinations, such as migratory birds and some turtles. Second, the author discusses that animals’ moving times are changed by climate change. “Many species have been able to adapt to new conditions simply by moving their ranges further towards the poles.” (Hirsh, 2005). For example, some animals leave the arctic very early because the Arctic sea ice melts too quickly. The author says the climate changes so fast that animals cannot adapt to this changing. Some reports show how dangerous it is that the climate is changing so fast. And some conservation organizations want to control the problem as well as they can. At the end, the author explains that the conservation is necessary. Climate becomes warmer and changes very quickly.

In the author’s opinion, the global warming has already affected animals’ lives. I agree with that. According to the author’s article, the climate is changing already. Animals’ lives are going to change very quickly. Therefore, we need to make some plan that will help animals protect themselves because animals are human’s friends. In fact, there are three ways to help animals live better. We should building a large national park that can give animals a space to live, protecting the animal migration routes, and study the high technology to solve the global warming.

First, building a large national park can give animals a space to live. Tim Hirsch said that the animals’ lifestyle is already changing. In this case, we can just build a large national park in each country or in different areas. Let those animals find a new home that will be safe and comfortable to live in. This is a better way to save some animals’ lives because global warming makes many lands disappear. Lots of animals will be dead if they cannot find where they live before. Therefore, people’s building some national park can help some migratory animals to live. That is a good way to protect the animals.

Second, we should protect the animal migration routes. This plan can be adapted to some animals that move to beaches or nearby the ocean. Protecting migration routes is really important. Some animals cannot adapt to live in a new place anymore. Therefore, we need to protect the migration routes for those animals. We should control these areas’ countries’ pollution and send professional teams to help the local people save the migration routes. In this issue, knowledge is very important. People need to know the animal’s life style, such as when they go and come back. It does not completely help the animals’ migration routes. However, it can give the animals time to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Third, we should study the high technique to solve the global warming. We need to create some new techniques to save the environment, not just animals, because if the earth still gets hotter and hotter, humans will be dead, too. Scientists should study a new high technique to solve the problem at its base. Protecting the animals is just a way to keep them for a few years. When the environment becomes worse and worse, when have no choice to save the animals’ lives, or even ours. Thus, people should cope with the problem at a basic level.

In conclusion, global warming is the hottest topic around the world in recent years. There is “Melting ice, spreading deserts and the impact of warm seas” (Hirsch, 2005). Those situations are very dangerous to us, and to animals. People should discuss that, because human makes all of these problems. People break it, and then they need to fix it. The way which can solve the problem is difficult, is expensive and takes a long time. However, we must solve it now. If we do not do it, we will be dead after all the animals disappear. In my opinion, people need to get a point to solve the problem as soon as possible and to save our and animals’ lives.

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