Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Moonlight Day

The Moonlight Day is the traditional day in China. It is one of the biggest holidays in China. All the members of family will go to the oldest person’s family to have a dinner and see the beautiful moon. Also, do not forget the moon cake. It is really delicious. In recent years, we eat moon cake and watch the slow about Moonlight Day. That is fantastic. It is completely different from Halloween. In Halloween, people wear some very special clothes and make much fun outside. People have parties and celebrate Halloween. However, Moonlight Day is different from Halloween. In China, we just stay home and watch the moon and say something fun. We are happy but it is not like people on Halloween day. They are crazy. Although, Halloween and Moonlight have many differences, I still like both of them. In China, I like Moonlight Day. In the U.S., I like Halloween

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